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Oceanography Slide Shows ~ Power Point
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Power Point Presentations are added

after they are shown in class

Check Below if you are absent for any Power Point Presentations

Title Description Click Below to View Click Below to download
Charting the Oceans Weather Charting weather patterns worldwide
Chesapeake Bay Information General information about life in and around the Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay Lighthouses Overview of Lighthouses around the Chesapeake Bay
Coastline Features Features of shores and coast
El Nino and Oceanography Causes and affects of El Nino
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Environmental damage caused by the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaskan waters
Fish Bony and Cartilaginous fish
Food Web Oceanic Food Web
Hurricanes Short presentation on Hurricanes
Jets Landing on Carrier in the Ocean A short presentation on Aircraft Carriers


Oceans Mermaids

An Extensive presentation on the World's Manatee Population
Marine Birds A General Review of Marine Birds
Marine Habitats General information on Marine Habitats
Marine History for Oceanography A General History of Marine leaders over the Centuries

Marine Instruments and Tools

Instruments used in the study of Oceanography

Mollusk Study of Mollusk
Mustelidae General information on Otters
Ocean Currents A quick study of Ocean Currents
Ocean Bottom Features Bottom features of the Worlds Oceans
Oceanography Facts General information on Oceanography
Oceans of the World Overview of the Worlds Oceans
Physical Characteristics Physical Characteristics of the Worlds Oceans
Pinnipeds A Short Study of Pinnipeds
Plankton A Study of Plankton the bottom of the food web
Plate Tectonics and the Oceans floors A Study of World Wide Plate Movements
Plate Tectonics and Volcanoes A Study of Volcanoes and plate movement
Polar Bears A short Study on the range and habits of Polar Bears
Sea Floor Spreading General information on Sea Floor Spreading
Sea Turtles An Extensive Study Of Sea Turtles
Sea Snakes General Information on Sea Snakes range and Habitats
Sea Water Basics Analysis of Sea Water
Sea Water In Motion General information on Water movement in the Oceans
Ships of the Chesapeake Bay General information and the history of Ships of the Chesapeake Bay
Sirenia A short study of Sirenia
States of water Chemical Analysis of the States of Water
The Titanic An Interesting presentation on the history of "The Titanic"
Tides General Explanation of Tides
Tsunami An Extensive Presentation on Tsunami
Waves A study of Waves
Whales (Cetaceans) A short study on the range and habits of Whales
Winds A short study of Winds

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