Ten points will be taken off of the grade for each day late.

All of the written work should be factual and based upon diligent research of your subject.

Do not give any opinions until you give your own conclusion at the end.


TASK                            POSSIBLE POINTS      POINTS EARNED




Placed in a folder                        5 points    __________________

Topic headings                            5 points   __________________

Four colored pictures                20 points _________________

Two comprehensively,

Correctly written pages           70 points _________________




Use large white poster board           5 points_______________

Written explanations                         35 points______________

Appropriate, effective pictures       60 points_____________

They must be colorful and attractive




Four colored pictures                         20 points_____________

Topic headings                                     10 points______________

Comprehensively,                                70 points _____________

accurately written          

Turn this sheet in as your grade sheet.

The rubric is on the back. Include name, date, and block.

Oceanographic Environmental Exploration   

Due     A Day     ­­­­­­___________             B Day     _____________


Conduct research on an environmental problem that is affecting the future viability of our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers.

After careful study of your research, complete your findings through one of the methods listed below.



You must use at least three sources to get varied information.

Never use any quotes. Do not copy ( plagiarize) any of the research material.

Observe the Kellam Honor Code or you will earn a failing grade.

 This applies to all the possible methods.


Write a Two page REPORT reaching from the top to the bottom of the page.

Use size twelve font, double spaced, not bold letters.

Use topic headings, an introduction, body, conclusion, and Sources Cited.

Include at least four pictures on a separate page.

Put this report in a folder with this page on the top.


Create a POSTER colleague with written explanations of the pictures.

Use a standard size poster and put pictures on it from magazines that represent an environmental danger to the Earth’s waterways.

For each type of picture include a two sentence explanation of the picture.

Organize the poster so that it has impact on the viewer.


Make a BROCHURE that has ten topic paragraphs in size 12 font.

A paragraph has at least four sentences. Do not use bold lettering

Place a heading at the beginning of each paragraph in bold font.

Include in the brochure four pictures with captions.


TOPICS which affect the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers

Acid rain                               Global warming                  Trash

Chemicals                             Weather                                Plastics

Oil                                          Radioactive substances     Overfishing

Sewage                                  Runoff                                   Excess nutrients    

Metals                                   Algal blooms                        Ship dumping