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Use Your Chesapeake Bay MAP to complete this Section

1. Label all of the rivers on your Chesapeake Bay map which are the source of fresh water for the bay. Write the name of the river such as the James plus write the word River = James River.

2. Label the states that border the Chesapeake Bay.

3. Label the Elizabeth River and the cities of Norfolk, Hampton, and Virginia Beach.

4. Locate and label the cities of Fredericksburg, Richmond, Petersburg, Washington D.C., and Baltimore.

When these cities are located, draw a line connecting all of them. Draw and Label this arch shaped line called the Fall Line which marks increased elevation, and water falling from the mountains above.

5. Draw an accurate key of the salinity gradient for the Chesapeake Bay. It shows the change in salinity in the bay.


Some questions have two part answers.

Be sure to answer all parts of the question in sentences.

1. Which three rivers supply most of the fresh water to the Chesapeake Bay?
What percent of the fresh water do they supply?

2. Does the eastern shore or the western shore discharge more fresh water into the bay?

Explain logically why this is the case?

3. In size how does the Chesapeake Bay compare to the other bays in the United States?

4. Carefully consider these questions. Where would you find the most and least saline (salty) water?

What accounts for this salinity difference?

5. What is a common factor that links the cities joined along the Fall Line?

6. What two groups of peoples are the rivers named for?

7. A watershed is an area which drains into a river or some other body of water.
List the Five states that are part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

8. What is the total area comprising the bay wetlands? Be specific and include the correct units.