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2005-2006 Standard School Calendar

  • First day of school - September 6, 2005
  • Staff Days - Schools Closed for Students
    Aug. 29-Sept.2 April 7
    Nov. 9 and 10 June 19
    January 30
    Total Non-Teaching Days: 10 (In addition to the 10 nonteaching days, teachers are required to participate in 22 hours of staff development throughout the year.)
  • Holidays - Schools Closed
    September 5 (Labor Day)
    November 11 (Veterans Day)
    November 24, 25 (Thanksgiving)
    Dec. 26-Dec. 30, Jan. 2 (Winter Holidays)
    Jan. 16 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
    February 20 (Presidents' Day)
    April 10-14 (Spring Holiday)
    May 29 (Memorial Day)
  • Informal Progress Report Schedule
    October 6 March 3
    December 16 May 18
  • Report Card Schedule
    November 18 April 20
    February 6 June 23 (mailed)
  • First Semester
    September 6-November 8 (46 days)
    November 14-January 27 (46 days)
    Teaching Days: 92 Non-Teaching Days: 8
  • Second Semester
    January 31-April 6 (47 days)
    April 17-June 16 (44 days)
    Teaching Days: 91
    Non-Teaching Days: 2
    Total Teaching Days: 183
    Total Non-Teaching Days: 10
  • Adjusted Dismissal
    November 23 (All Students)
    December 23 (All Students)
    Jan. 24,25,26 (High School Students only)
    January 27 (All Students)
    June 13, 14 (High School Students only)
    June 15, 16 (All Students)
    Last Day of school for students - June 16, 2006

    School Cancellation/ Make-up Schedule
    (standard & year-round calendars)
    Should school be cancelled due to inclement weather, make-up days will be at the discretion of the Superintendent. Potential make-up days may include single day holidays and staff work days. Should these days be insufficient, Spring Break days and Saturdays will be considered. It is within the discretion of the Superintendent to elect not to make up instructional days unless necessary to meet the statutory minimum.

    Make-up Schedule for Exams
    (middle and high school only)
    Should weather or any other condition cause a scheduled exam day to be cancelled, the cancelled exams(s) will be administered on the first day school reopens.