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Academic Policy

*Academics *
** ( this is to be kept in the front of the science notebook)**

*Oceanography is a survey course of the study of the Earth's oceans and waterways as they relate to
the geology, biology, meteorology, chemistry, hydrology and history of our planet.*

Tutoring after school upon student request and teacher availability ( Tuesday-Thursday 2:05-2:45)

At the beginning of the week the student will copy from the board the week's homework for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Homework will be due the last day of the week. All homework will be checked
Homework is due at the beginning of the bell
No late homework will be accepted.

2. MAKE UP WORK ( will only be accepted if there is a written parental excuse note)
All late work must be turned in within THREE Calendar days of the absence.
Missed Tests may be made up after school or during a study block. ( the student needs to make arrangements for the specific make up time upon their return to class.)
Make up tests will be an essay test.
Chronic absenteeism will be referred to guidance , and then to the vice principal


3. GRADING SYSTEM is based on a percent of TOTAL points per Nine Weeks.
An Estimate ( Number per 9 weeks)

Assignment Type Percent Description Amount
LABORATORY 40% With data,charts,drawings,maps,written reports etc. Six
TESTS & QUIZZES 30% With true-false,multiple choice,matching, & essay Four
CLASS WORK 10% With work done primarily in class Six
HOMEWORK 10% With independent work done outside class & checked Nine
PROJECTS 10% Complete information sheet given each nine weeks One

Virginia Beach Schools Honor Policy

*1. Cheating will not be tolerated in any form. Those students found cheating will receive a ZERO grade for that work.
*2. Any work "Plagiarized" or copied will receive a ZERO grade. All work turned in for a grade should be the students original work. In the case of research projects properly credited quotes (maximum one per research paper) are allowed where appropriate, but the body of the work is to be authored entirely by the student with three or more sources used as references. Text from any source other than the student must be enclosed in quotes and properly credited to the original source. Copying of any uncredited material will results in a project/paper grade of ZERO.

Definition:** to steal and pass off as one's own the works or acts of another**
**to present as one's own an idea or product derived from an existing source**

How to Avoid Plagiarizing

How to use internet sources without plagiarizing


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