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Mrs. Butler was born in San Francisco California and grew up in southern California. She recieved her Bachelors degree in History from the University of California at Long Beach and earned a Masters degree in Education from Regent University. Mrs. Butler recieved her endorsement to teach Oceanography and Earth Science after attending a specialized series of classes at Norfolk State University. She stays current in her field by attending classes at Old Dominion University, Hampton University and William and Mary College. She also attends numerous workshops and conferences. This last summer she was awarded a grant for a two week workshop at Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California in San Diego California.

Mrs. Butler is married and has raised two daughters. Her oldest daughter Wendi, died in a fire at the age of 25. Her youngest daughter Shauna, is an executive with Tandy Corporation (Radio Shack) in Fort Worth Texas.

Mrs. Butler relaxes by tending to her huge collection of plants and animals. She has over 200 potted house plants, several of which she shares with her students in her classroom. She has four cats, a St. Bernard and two large fish tanks.

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